Saturday, January 14, 2012

Satsuma Macerated Berries for Sensible Snack Saturday

Hi folks. Hope everyone is all set to enjoy their weekend. I made a wonderful healthy snack for you all this fine Saturday. It's a blustery, wintery mess here in Ontario. I have to tell you the puppy was having a ball in the snow. Her first big snowfall to date so she was just living it up out there. This is her below after rolling in snow and digging to make slush:

This is what she's suppose to look like:

Yup, she's a prize. Any one out there want a prize?? No? Really? No one?

Okay so as you all know I am trying to shed a few pounds. Or a gazillion, whatever. So I am trying to come up with healthier snacks. I came across this in the Cooking Light cookbook I told you I found at Costco. The same one that had the recipe for these little beauties below that were only 123 calories:

Now while I love sweets and bake often I wanted to make sure I mix it up for you guys and offer other things as well. So this macerated berry recipe is perfect for anyone looking to make something delicious and healthy. I have to admit I was terrified of macerating berries. The term macerate scares me. Not sure why, it just does. Yet once I tried this little technique I was so stunned by how wonderfully it sweetens the fruit. I shall be doing this often. If I could eat this for breakfast every single day I would wake up and run to the kitchen in the morning. And you all know I hate eating breakfast so this is high praise indeed. They were super delicious.

Now a little tidbit of news. Most of you know I do not drink alcohol so it's not something I keep on hand in the house. When I read I needed to macerate them with alcohol I panicked. So I did what any home chef would do. I tweeted Mario Batali to ask him what to macerate berries with if you don't have alcohol. Colour me happy and shocked when moments later Mr Mario Batali himself tweeted me back to try OJ. I could just about die. The man is a cooking legend and god. Here's my brief shining moment of fame and glory. Short and sweet!